Saturday, July 7, 2012


For our next post, we have agreed to blog about hair styles and colors. It's because we know it's something that MOST girls would be able to relate to. Believe it or not, girls these days are so self-conscious about on how they look, especially with their skin, hair, or whatever it is. And let's just say that for girls, looking good matters more. 

As teenagers, we believe that having a great and unique style and color of hair can definitely make a total difference on how we look! Hair frames and enhances the features of our face. So, here's some of the hair colors we recommend to all the beautiful girls out there! 


Be different. Be unique. Be you!
Xoxo, Jessa & Joyce


  1. i love the dip dyed hair look! I so want to dip dye my hair but i'd need to bleach it first which would damage it so much :(

  2. Beautiful style.Loving your blog, maybe want to follow each other? If so just leave us a comment on our blog telling us that you are following us and we'll immediately follow your back!

  3. soo nice! great inspo! i love the dip dye and the ombre, so tempted myself!