Thursday, July 26, 2012


Adding accessories like rings can make our overall look more stylish. They're like one of the  ingredients in a food recipe to complete its final taste. It'd be better if we wear rings that match to the theme of our look. For instance, if you have a rock style look, you can wear skull design and metal made rings. Just remember that mixing and matching in the fashion world is something that shouldn't be afraid of. Instead, it's something that should be taking risk for.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012



STREET STYLE  is a type of fashion that is personal to you. It is something that displays your personality but it still highly trendy and cool. 

The models above are just some inspirations of street style fashion. 
How about you? How are you going to display your personality through fashion? Tell us. (Leave a comment)

Friday, July 13, 2012


Leopard nails:

American flag nails:

Cartoon nails:

Aztec nails:

Girly nails:

Summer nails:

These days we're getting fond to nail arts which we know you'd agree. Being creative in a simple way like in our nails can make a big difference to ourselves. This blog post is to express our affection for nail art designs. And the pictures above are just some of our inspirations! Hope this will serve as a motivation in bringing out your own creativity!

Picture (c) Google! :)
Xoxo, Jessa and Joyce!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


We are one of those people who believe in "Good shoes take you to good places" We guess it is just a Metaphor, if you wear good shoes then you will end up walking to somewhere good. Or maybe, For instance, you wear a really nice, good quality business suit to an interview, you are more likely to get hired for the job. Or maybe simply, Wearing comfortable and beautiful shoes make you feel more confident and excited to go around and conquer the world. But whatever how we define this saying, the meaning never changes, Good shoes take you to good places. 

Shoes are very important in the world of fashion. Without shoes, the style looks unfinished. Good Shoes bring more stylish and awesome look. As long as you have good shoes on your feet, You can simply wear jeans and a top. Trust us, You would still look fashionable. Shoes bring out the best in you. So, we google-d good shoes and these what we found. 

We hope this shoes-blog inspired you. Wear good shoes everyday and you will be gone to good places everyday.


Saturday, July 7, 2012


For our next post, we have agreed to blog about hair styles and colors. It's because we know it's something that MOST girls would be able to relate to. Believe it or not, girls these days are so self-conscious about on how they look, especially with their skin, hair, or whatever it is. And let's just say that for girls, looking good matters more. 

As teenagers, we believe that having a great and unique style and color of hair can definitely make a total difference on how we look! Hair frames and enhances the features of our face. So, here's some of the hair colors we recommend to all the beautiful girls out there! 


Be different. Be unique. Be you!
Xoxo, Jessa & Joyce


School is over. The heat is all over us. For our first blog, we decided to blog summer outfits with style and fashion where in it will make you stand out among the crowd. Let's stop thinking about school works and high school dramas for a while and make a difference this Summer. Have fun with your family and friends and mostly, Wear different styles and looks. Be different!

For our first inspiration, These days long skirts are trend in the world of fashion. Any different style of skirts are in and it is up to you how you will compose a look that will make people stare at you from head to toe. Long skirts can be matched up with any type of tops like tank tops, shirts, long sleeves, cropped tops and anything you have inside your closet. You just have to be creative! So, Here are some ideas:


Next stop, Mini shorts with different patterns and designs. These shorts can be bought anywhere, from malls to bazaars. or You can do it by yourself! All you need is colorful cloths and sewing kits and any art designs. Try it then wear it confidently! Remember, Style never gets old!

Third, Printed pants like floral. Actually, it is easy to think what top you should match up with these kind of pants. For my opinion, It's better to wear plain colors like black, white and different plain colors tops. Then, Just add some accessories to complete the look you desire. Like these pictures:

Then... This girl is gorgeous. I precisely don't know her name but her style is awe-inspiring. Her style is one of the best styles must imitate this summer. There's nothing wrong about copying other people's styles, you just get inspired but the best is to be unique!

Celebrities inspiration. Celebrities are one of the best examples of Fashion. They wear high quality and branded wardrobes that make them look fashionable and stylish but It doesn't mean if you don't wear branded clothes, you cannot look as fashionable as them. Always remember, It's how you bring the clothes you wear that counts. Miranda Kerr, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna are examples of great fashion.

Again, I exactly don't know what these called. But let me call these... Cropped corsets. It's summer, show off your belly! These cropped corsets are best when they are matched with high waisted shorts and long skirts.

Make your outfit more stylish by wearing boots, accessories and different style of shades.

Summer doesn't mean you always have to wear show off skins, you can still wear covered clothes yet still look fashionable.
There are lots and lots and lots of style can be seen anywhere but the best among the rest is
Your style + Confidence.

Other summer inspirations:  

Just always keep in mind, Fashion is everywhere but the Style is up to you.
Be Creative. Be Different. Be Confident.
Keep Rocking your summer, guys.